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your fitness knowledge!
When I was in High School, I was slightly chubby. And due to lack of knowledge, I went the complete wrong way about losing weight, not eating and over indulging in aerobics and cardio. I decided to make the change, and started doing research on healthy living, started training at a gym, and eating 6 times a day. This was a big change for me, but I pushed through.  And I now have the privilege of inspiring and assisting other young ladies and women, to live healthy and strong, and be beautiful from the inside out.  Since high school my dream was always to be a Fitness Professional.

I started focusing my career path in this direction in 2010, after doing my very first Bikini Fitness competition, Body Beautiful SA, wherein I placed 2ndout of almost 30 ladies. From there on out its safe to say I was hooked. And thanks to “hubby”, for all his support and motivation, I am now beyond, LIVING MY DREAM...

My training is predominantly focused on medium to heavy weights. At the same time paying attention to posture, core strength, and controlling the weights. Slow controlled movements ensure the correct way of following the exercise through, giving you optimum results from your workout. 2 hours a day, of which 30 min cardio. 1.5 hours weights and endurance.

“Our Imperfections Are What Makes Us Uniquely Perfect. Embrace Them!”
2010 - 2nd Place Bikini, Body Beautiful SA
2011 - 5th Place Bikini, WFF SA NOVICE
2011 - 6th Place Bikini, WFF SA PROVINCIALS
2011 - 1st Place Bikini, GYM PHYSIQUE GROUP
2011 - 1st Place Overalls, GYM PHYSIQUE GROUP
2011 - 1st Place Bikini, Body Beautiful SA
2012 - Certificate of Achievement in Sports Nutrition and Supplementation
2012 - 1st Place Nabba SA Provincials
2012 - 6th Place Nabba SA Nationals
2013 - 2nd Place Nabba SA Pretoria Classic
2013 - 6th Place WBFF SA
2013 - 1st Place Nabba SA Provincials
2013 - 1st Place WPF The Rossi Classic
2013 - 3rd Place Nabba SA NATIONALS
•Selected to represent SA @ NABBA WFF WORLD CHAMPS GREECE
2013 - 2nd Place WPF SA CHAMPS
•Selected to represent SA @ WPF UNIVERSE ITALY
•Selected to represent SA at NABBA WFF UNIVERSE - KOREA JUNE 2014
2014 - NABBA WFF Universe Fitness Model Overall Champion
2014 - NABBA WFF Pro Card Recieved
2015 - WFF Universe Pro Champion France

Won numerous body coaching challenges with my clients


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The Studio
Nutrition Cafe
Faithful to Nature
Cat Buys Rademeyer

Age:             30
Height:      1.59m
Weight:       48Kg
Hair Colur: Brunette
Eyes:        Green